If your interest in Powell River real estate led you to this blog, then I’d be happy to meet you over a cup of coffee at your favorite Powell River coffee establishment.  We can talk real estate if you wish or simply spend the time chit-chatting about whatever suits us.  It’s not intended to be a ‘sales job’ or an opportunity to pry for personal information for marketing purposes.  It’s simply an expression of appreciation for checking out my blog and your interest in our beautiful city.  My contact information is at the end of this blog.  Try me!

‘Round About Town’…

Twelve New Buyers; Nine Too-High Assessments!

At the time of writing this blog, twelve single family homes have sold in the Westview area in Powell River.  Nine of the twelve sold for below their assessed value.  They range between 2 and 46 percent below the assessed value which translates into annual taxes between $24 and $736 above what would be paid on the market value of the home.  The deadline for contesting your assessment has passed for this year, but it’s worth keeping in mind if the market continues its slow downward movement over the course of this year.  You may not win an appeal on the smaller differences, but when the difference gets to be 30% and higher, that’s a sizeable amount of money to overpay for even one year.

ImageI’m happy to give you a free market assessment of your home any time.  Feel free to call me!

Maintaining Your Home…

Asbestos In Your Attic?

Many homes were insulated with Zonolite Attic Insulation from the 1920’s up to the early 1990’s when its use was discontinued.  Eighty percent of vermiculite insulation in world production during that period came from the Libby Mines in Montana under the Zonolite brand that was found to contain asbestos. Not all vermiculite insulation contains asbestos.  Asbestos is only a problem in homes if it’s disturbed and gets into the air we breathe.  It’s been found to be a cause of cancer and shouldn’t be taken lightly.Image

Vermculite insulation looks like a pile of grey-silver, pea-sized crumbs and was poured between ceiling joists.  Often, as insulation standards increased, pink, spun-fiberglas “batts” were placed over the vermiculite making it less obvious to observe.

Because it’s a health hazard, it is safest to hire trained specialists to remove it from your home.  The cost of this is quite high at up to $13-$15 per square foot.  Vermiculite is not currently a banned substance, but it is a hidden cost if you plan to do renovations that involve disturbing it.  Left as is, it’s not a health risk.  If you’re buying a house, it’s good practice to find out if vermiculite insulation exists and factor this into your future plans for the house.

Something Completely Different!Image

There are at least 12 mobile/manufactured homes available for sale in various parks in Powell River.  Buy one, then lock up and go with the travel money you’ll have in your pocket!

8442 Springbrook Road

Now at $124,900


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