Out of the ClosetBuying or selling a home is one of the big decisions in our lives.  Many factors come into that decision and it often takes some time to get there.  Now, on the internet, you can do a lot of ‘window shopping’ in the early stages of your journey before anybody even knows that you’re thinking about it.

Just Looking, Thanks… Just Looking

People are sometimes reluctant to approach a REALTOR™ because they don’t want to be pressured or because they don’t have any immediate plans to buy or sell, but are starting to think about it.  I’m in that situation myself.  Our kids have all but moved out and the house we’re in is really too large for us.  We could save a lot of time and money by moving into a smaller home, but we’re not quite ready yet. I can help you with that thinking-ahead process if you wish.  I will be happy to set you up with our Private Client Services which will keep you updated by email on the prices of homes similar to yours and to the type of house you might be interested in sometime in the future.  It helps you become familiar with prices, locations and layouts. Together, we specify the things you’re looking for (or have, in the case of your current home) and you’ll receive an email showing all new listings that fit your interests as they come on the market.  You can also keep track of when they sell, price, how long they took to sell and all the MLS information about the house (or condo, mobile or vacant lot) including pictures.  It’s private and once it’s set up, you can tell me, “I’m just looking, thanks.  Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

I’m Ready Now Im Ready Now

You’ve done your homework and you’ve decided to become more active and visible in your home buying/selling.  You can still choose any REALTOR™ you want.  Of course, I’m hoping you’ll ask me to help you.  Here’s what I can do for you:


  • Take you for private showings or set up a tour of several homes
  • Research title, advise you about the condition of the home and ensure that all details are considered
  • Under your direction, handle all aspects of making an offer, negotiating price and finalizing a sale


  • Provide you with a free market evaluation of your home
  • Provide you with a full range of marketing strategies to get the best price for your home
  • Under your direction, handle all aspects of reviewing offers, negotiating price and finalizing a sale

Where are People Buying and How Much Are They Paying?

In the past six months, 123 properties have sold.  Of those, most sold for between $100,000 and $300,000.  The graph on the left gives a breakdown of the number of homes sold in the various price ranges. (Each bar does not include sales in the range below it).  The second graph shows where people have been buying recently.   Selling-Location Charts Engel-New Price Photo Lock up and Go!    Central location, great view and no worries when you lock the door.  #202-6900 Burnaby St.   Reduced to $184,000 Call me for more information.      


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