Property Assessments…

Sold-Assessed percentI just got mine….down $22,000 from last year.  That pretty much reflects the way prices have been going in the last year or so.

Don’t want to pay more tax than warranted?    Of the 14 homes sold in December 2013, nine sold below assessed value at an average of 17.5% below.  Give me a call for a comparative market analysis on your home and challenge your assessed value.

New Homes?…

Thinking of buying a new home?  One of the benefits of buying new is that you are covered under 2-5-10 warranty insurance in BC (One of the best in Canada!)  Homes built since 1999 (with few exceptions) must be warrantied by law. This insurance is covered in the price of the home and operates through an approved insurance company.  The policy itself will be more comprehensive, but briefly, you get two years on labor and materials (some limits apply), five years on the building envelope and ten years on the structure.  There is lots of good information through the Homeowners Protection Office which can be found online at http://www.hpo.bc.ca

 New Homes for Sale…

Georgia Cres RowRight now, there are two brand new homes in the Powell River area for sale and ready to move into.  If you can wait till they’re built, there are at least another six in five locations either under way or waiting for you to give the go-ahead.  Getting in early has the advantage of giving you some say in design and finishing.

New homes are moving.  Nineteen happy buyers have bought new homes since 2010.  Call me if you’re interested in finding out more about getting into a brand new or even near-new home.

“Massive Protest in the Works” – What’s Your Message?

BC FerriesI wonder if you’re like me about the coming cuts to services in BC Ferries: I recognize that this is not good for the community. I’m not a “regular” ferry user. I haven’t tended to be “politically” active other than voting regularly. I decided that I would at least stand up and add my voice to the growing opposition to these cuts.

In doing a bit of research about how to do that, I discovered that the beginnings of the protest mentioned above started on the lower Sunshine Coast and that they have some different issues than we do.  There are a lot of people there who commute on foot to Vancouver daily, so one of their desires is to have a passenger-only ferry service.  Power to them, but it’s not going to benefit me or most of us in Powell River.
I’d rather see the Powell River-Comox ferry berthed on the Powell River side.  You may have other desires that are more important to you.  I think our (Powell River) voice within this one protest should be distinct and not simply lumped in with a voice that may not reflect our issues.

Text Box-Ferry SurveyTo get involved locally in a big or small way, I’ve found the following people/groups who are speaking up for us:
Occupy Powell River – find them on Facebook
Powell River Chamber of Commerce – “Fiscal Fairness for BC Communities” – (Facebook or phone 1-604-485-4051)

If you know of others, please let me know and I’ll send them around on my social media contacts.

Try a “Re-Do”…

Getaway CottageDid you fall a little short with your Christmas gift to your partner this year?  It may not be too late to pick up the pieces…  What about some quality time together including a great dinner and overnight in a beautifully appointed waterfront cottage?  Valentines Day?  Upcoming Birthday?

The Getaway Waterfront Cottage

at Eagles Landing Bistro

  • One or two nights in a private, waterfront suite for two
  • Tranquil, private setting adjacent to fine dining
  • No Ferries; fifteen minutes south of town
  • Off-Season Rate: $125  per night

Contact janis@eagleslanding bistro.ca

604 487-0868


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