Finishing a Brisk Year…

We’re seeing a slowing trend in the lead-up to Christmas in the Powell River real estate RE Christmasmarket. New listings have been declining since the spring which has been moving us to a more balanced market. However, November sales were the lowest since last December which reduces that pressure for now. It’s not unusual at all to see things slow down significantly at this time of year.  Overall, it’s been a very active year and there’s good reason to believe that when the festivities of the season are past, the market will start moving again.

 Merry Christmas and all the best of the season to my valued clients.  I look forward to working with you in the new year!

Mid-Century Modern…


I was chatting with a retired millworker last month who who came to work at the Powell River Mill in the 1960’s.  He said that he recalled that 500 people were hired at the mill in those years.  This accounts for the number of houses in the Westview area in particular that I notice were built during that time.  There was quite a building boom going on.

It was with some interest then, that when relatives from Vancouver described the latest “fashion” in homes: “Mid-Century Modern” which describes all things 50’s and 60’s including architecture and home design.

“Mid-Century architecture was frequently employed in residential structures with the goal of bringing modernism into America’s post-war suburbs. This style emphasized creating structures with ample windows and open floor plans, with the intention of opening up interior spaces and bringing the outdoors in. Many Mid-century houses utilized then-groundbreaking post and beam architectural design that eliminated bulky support walls in favor of walls seemingly made of glass. Function was as important as form in Mid-Century designs, with an emphasis placed specifically on targeting the needs of the average American family.”  (Wikipedia)

Over the last decade or more, many of these homes have been updated with kitchens, baths etc to reflect the owner’s tastes, so it’s possible that the original mid-century “feel” is lost.  However, in Vancouver, people are beginning to restore homes to reflect this “new” fashion.  It will be interesting to watch to see if such restoration catches on the way heritage restorations have in the Townsite in Powell River.  As a child of the 50’s myself, I enjoy seeing houses which still show some of this “modern-to-me” look!

Wet Basements…

wet basement

I loved all that sunshine here in Powell River this past summer, but I knew that there would be a price to pay over the fall and winter.  We’ve been seeing it in the last month or so with lots of heavy rainfall.  While driving around after the first torrent early in November, I noticed many yards being dug up to repair perimeter drains.  I’m not an expert, but I know that if water naturally runs through your yard or if you notice it collecting and even pooling on you lawn, then you’d better hope that there are some good clear pipes taking that water away from your house.

A simple test that home inspectors use is to run the garden hose into the perimeter drain through the downspout drain for a short while to see if it backs up.  If so, and you haven’t experienced difficulties so far, it’s worth looking into.  Often the perimeter drains are plugged up with the roots of trees growing close to the house.  The older ceramic drain tiles are particularly susceptible to this problem.

If you have concerns, check out this site for all sorts of good information:  http://www.islandbasementsystems.com . I haven’t used their services, but they sure have a lot of help on their website.

Clients (Still) Looking for a Home

I have clients who are looking for a Powell River home of about 2000 sq ft with a view. They moved away from a nice view several years ago and would like to see the ocean again. A double garage would be nice, but not essential. If you or someone you know has what they’re looking for and might consider selling, please give me a call.

604 223-0811

Web Site: billbailey.ca

Perfect for Two!

Max Tiller Rd

2 bedroom/1 bath; 940 sq ft

½ acre lot in the country

Neat and tidy with lots of updates

11178 Tiller Rd


Call me for a showing!


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