Horse RaceMarch saw 31 sales, up from 19 in February (April is showing even stronger so far!) signalling the beginning of the Spring real estate market in Powell River. The median price (a measure of what’s in the middle which reduces the influence of very high or low numbers) was about $250,000 and the median days on the market was 57. Well priced homes are moving quickly! Homes priced just under $200,000 seem to be in demand now.  With a low Canadian dollar and even lower interest rates right now, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see this activity continue. We may see our friends south of the border look to get a good bang for their buck and, hopefully, like the prices and beauty of our little hideaway!

It’s all Onlinesearching online

I enjoy keeping up with technology and the many ways it can be used to move and present information.  Like every other endeavour in the world, things are changing quickly!  Most home buyers today do their searching online and are able to come to a showing with lots of information about a home already.  The showing is still valuable because there’s no substitute for seeing a home, its location and property first hand.

Online Home-Finding…

tablet lounging
I can set you up with our Private Client Service (PCS) which will send you an email with listing as they come out. Together, we can decide on the kind of properties you want to receive with respect to pricing, location, size and a variety of other criteria.  Even if you’re not planning a move in the near future, the PCS is a good way to get to know the market you may be interested in.  It’s also a good way to keep track of pricing of the home you may wish to sell!  Please, call or email if I can help you with this.


While nothing beats a face-to-face conversation or even a phone call – email and “text” have become a common way for realtors to keep in touch with clients.  I still believe that important conversations should be face-to-face, however, detailed or lengthy information are best sent by text or email.  It’s easy to confirm a showing time or answer a quick question by “text” or send a property disclosure statement by email.


Digital MktingWhen working with clients I try to establish which types of communication they are most comfortable with and use that.  Communication continues to be a two-way activity and both parties must be at ease in the conversation.  For some clients, Canada Post is still the best solution.

As mentioned, most home buyers begin their search online.  If you’re thinking of selling, check out the various websites available to buyers.  A common place for people to begin their search is on realtor.ca which allows you to hunt for properties according to your needs across the country.  Each real estate brokerage will have its own website (e.g. coast realtypowellriver.com) showing the listings held by its sales staff.  Most realtors now have their own website featuring their listings along with other information about the home buying and selling process. (e.g.. billbailey.ca)

Social Media…

Apparently Facebook users tend to be an older demographic now with the younger crowd having moved on to Soc Mediaother social media platforms!  However, social media has become an essential marketing tool in many industries and real estate is no exception.  Most realtors are networking with “friends” through social media now and marketing themselves and their wares “softly” through a variety of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to mention a few.  For clients it’s a good way to check out prospective realtors or keep up with market news.

Online Signatures…

Digital SignatureOnce upon a time, signatures were done only in person.  Fax and copy machines changed that when transmitted signatures became legal and accepted practice.  These still involve writing on a piece of paper, printing and scanning it with tools that not may not be easily accessible.  Now we can use a program called Docusign which allows a document to be signed on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  The signature is legal, safe and becoming an accepted practice in many business situations.

Most commonly online signatures are useful if clients live out of town, are travelling or in some situations, cannot make it to the printer or scanner easily. It takes no special programs or devices (other than a computer, tablet or smartphone) and can be completed as quickly as email moves back and forth.

Again, none of these technological advances should preclude face-to-face conversation or make you, as a client, feel uncomfortable.  Together, we can decide which mode of communication is best for you.  You may or may not choose to immerse yourself in new technology, but for sales people, we must keep up with the times and be proficient with the most efficient and effective tools that we have available.

8653 Hwy 1018653 Highway 101

Level Waterfront!

  • 4 Bedr/2 Bath – 1982 sf on .3 acre
  • 15 min from shopping; 1 min from swimming!
  • Nicely updated, lots of yard space


Call for a Showing

Video Link:  https://youtu.be/D-coKSppIwY


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