OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy name is Bill Bailey. I live in the greatest little town on earth – Powell River, BC.  (I’ve been to a few others.)  After a career here for 31 years as a teacher and school principal, I retired and found that “I wasn’t tired yet.”  I’ve started a second career selling real estate here in – you guessed it – Powell River.

I’m loving it.  I discovered that even though I thought that a quieter life away from schedules, constant social interaction and minor crises was what I wanted, it only took a month or so home alone with the dogs to realize that I needed more.  I like gardening, reading, home projects, hiking, biking, singing, hanging out with friends and fellow Christian believers.  I assumed that this would be enough to keep me engaged. Apparently not.  In my new career I have a reason to get up each morning, learn a whole bunch of new things, think in an entirely different way, be really busy – but on a different schedule – and best of all, continually meet and have the opportunity to serve new people.  I feel like a “full playing member” of the world again and, it’s good!

Selling real estate is partly about self-promotion.  I started to write a monthly newsletter which I still hand-deliver to about 300 homes in a certain area of Powell River.  To get more “bang for my buck”, I used the same text to create an e-newsletter and then jumped into the world of blogging by posting it once a month via WordPress.  Now, here I am participating in Blogging 101.  It forces me to be more engaged with the blog which, I confess, I’ve used as a place to post my already-written monthly newsletter without really putting too much more into it.  I don’t know where this will take me, but I’m enjoying learning new things and challenging myself in different ways.

Here I go!

Check out my blog at  https://privbillbailey.wordpress.com

Check out my website at  www.billbailey.ca


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