Lois Lake

I’ve used the expression, “Powell River is a Lifestyle”, in some of my marketing materials and I know that it’s true, but I’ve never taken the time to think about what I really mean. I’ve run into many clients who’ve come to PR to visit for a variety of reasons and have fallen in love with the town (city) and decided to move here.

I moved here from Vancouver over 30 years ago (I’m still not a “local”, but that’s another story!)  One thing I noticed soon after moving here was that nobody arrives at events or activities of any sort until minutes before the start time.  In fact, I remember clearly from that many years ago that movies at our one movie theater (The longest running theater in Canada!) didn’t begin until everyone arrived.  Sounds crazy, but everybody seemed to arrive a few minutes late and without fail, the movie started once everybody was there!

Over the years, I’ve just concluded that ‘this is a Powell River thing’, but recently it occurred to me that because of our size and lack of significant traffic, I pretty much know exactly how long it takes me to get to anywhere in the city.  Hence, I leave in time to arrive at my activity “just in time.”  We’re probably not unique in this – it may be the way it is in many smaller communities, but it is one aspect of our lifestyle:  slower pace comes from predictability and fewer worries about something as basic as getting from one place to another. (You can count our traffic lights on the fingers of one hand!)

Check us out sometime….come for a visit!

Powell River Tourist Info

Thinking of moving here?  Give me a call or email: billbailey.ca




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